The Arcade Decayed

by Electronical Suicide

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The Arcade Decayed is the critically acclaimed debut album of Electronical Suicide. Released in 2010, recorded and mixed by Andreas "Hellje" Dubs of Krank Fame - the bar has been set high!


released January 18, 2010

Music by Electronical Suicide
Lyrics by Diego
Produced by Andreas Dubs at Polarec Studios Winterthur



all rights reserved


Electronical Suicide Zürich, Switzerland

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Track Name: Racehorse
say it, betray it
you're not the one who's gonna
orchestrate it, just play it
i wanna profit so you better
lay it down without a fight
and if you really wanna make it
then take it
welcome to the corporation

we're not up for sale
this ain't no industry
we won't be paid to fail
cut out the cutthroating
our designated goal
to fly our own flag
when we settle the score

we're not your racehorse
you're going down
this is no industry
we'll never put our faith in you

we're not you're stagewhore
you're going down
this is no business
we'll never sell our souls to you

this is not an industry
you killed off all the music scene
Track Name: Come Back
watching out
trying not to be eaten up
holding out
this is what patience's all about
breathing in
for better or for worse we try
speaking up
for fear of being silenced

stand up, come out of the darkness
blazing not burning
show off, sell out, relax
enjoy the meltdown so soothing

read tomorrow's headlines on our own
stuck yesterday for far too long
at the brink of cataclysm in our heads
we stopped to hibernate

left for dead
wake up in a garbage can
ten minutes off
they're trying to get inside my head
broken glass
this is the soundtrack to return
with no remorse
headfirst for competition

stepping out of the ashes
to paint the world in black and green
that's entertainment baby
and it's the best since '99
Track Name: Hero & Villain
told that we are the ones (the indesctructibles)
sometimes not right, misfits (we are the outcast)
outlaws but still compelled (that's why)
our destiny will come

i got it figured out
raging rats inside a crowd
never too late to break
it's all too painful
in this baleful world

cannot decide which way (it's a duality)
bad news we face each day (becomes normality)
we saved the day again (but they)
dominate the world

i never understand when the battle got decided
everything was clear so long ago
but still i try to stand the test of time
never gonna die
keep screaming at these walls
Track Name: Disco Arson
let's take a stroll, tonight feels right
going inside out down at the disco
we underestimate ourselves
it's never gonna be the same again
down at the disco

let's go out tonight, let's be young and wild
the killing lights shine bright
this time there won't be no tomorrow
so let's just backtrack the night

dance on to the sound of our favorite songs
burn out on the dancefloor all night long
you fell victim to the flames of the noise that we create

wake up all alone in a city that's asleep at night
but not in here, not at the disco
this record put our hearts to a test
it's never gonna be the same again
down at the disco

let's go out tonight, let's be young and wild
the killing lights shine bright
this time there won't be no tomorrow
but the handcuffs way too tight

crushed together inside a corner
we all we are what you call out of line
see the skyline bright, pretty as it died
we'll never make it right - disco arson
tic toc out of time, we don't ever want this to die
not tomorrow, not by the end of time
Track Name: Blood Lust
can't fucking stand still
think i lost control
my hands are shaking
my body's trembling
temperature rising
a stereotype
not sure if i will fail
and you will take this
i guess that i'll just break the

rules, they never told me shit
i'd rather go ahead and care less so carelessly
i don't get much out of this
i always try to feed on something more rewarding

i need one caress
i need to clean this mess
it will be my demise
so bite to break skin
bite to break

another problem
it's not a kill for me
but can you take it?
if i should turn you
and will you be there?
to join the masquerade
among us remnants
you will have to break all of the rules...

and i just killed a thousand words
by seeing right through you

rally round the nights in shotgun fights
we waste each other till we
rally round the nights in shotgun fights
we'll kill each other before sunlight
Track Name: Bone Wax
break down, ten seconds over
don't wanna understand it
that's just the way i planned it
but this time just time will tell the time and time again

right now, ten minutes all gone
totally overrated
you're gonna reap what you have sown
this time just time will tell the time again

a lifetime to forfeit
killing pain and killing time
and with a vengeance
we could have scratched it till it bleeds
come on and bear with me
break your neck and rip your spine
make a living out of it
not for the fun of it
just for the sake of it

back to the gutter baby
it's been a while but lately
this uncontrollable urge has overcome
and come what may come out come out
sick now, of waiting baby
everyone's going to hate me
i might as well just live
so come what may come out come out wherever you may be

no time to restrain
the killing line was written way too soon
but it's not over even if it bleeds
come on now bear with me
broke my neck, ripped out my spine
and made a living out of it
just for the fun of it
not for the sake of it all
Track Name: A Rainbow
wednesday is painful
decisions upset
racecars are unsafe
twentytwo is priceless

why is it that it suddenly occured to me
that every day and every night in life
is certainly so unsatisfying?

and now it seems it suddenly occured to me
that everything that i create i cannot feel
it's all just going up in smoke
never to be seen again now

twentyfour hours going on forever
check me out, take me home and throw me out
cause i'm bound to break your heart out

descent from a rainbow
i'm home again now
quit to run away
i'm mine forever
at least that's what i say
and i'll be going to extremes

and so i hide in shades and keep the hope alive
i sang it loud a thousand times before
but nothing seems much fun to me anymore actually now

and everyday is like a holiday to me
but something's wrong i can't explain
the sky's obscured by clouds
i'm catching up with happy days so long forgotten

it never made much sense
we're just gonna die from our own ignorance
with bleeding hearts and minds ablaze
but i know i won't break myself
Track Name: A Walk in the Park
it's a walk in the park when it's dark
and there's everyone passing along
with a smirk on their face
and i try to embrace and come clean
with the things that i kept to myself
on a shelf full of dust in a part of my mind
and i'm scared i might find
something worse then before
when i unlock the door
and i turn on the light
and wake up to the sight
of something deeply frightening
something frightening
it's more than i see

scream with me
will i take it if you fake it?
scream with me
confrontation on the wrong occasion

now i'm here now i'm there
try to be everywhere
leaving town for one night
out of sight, well i might as well
stay far away from the things
that i'm bound to return to
once i ran off to something new, something unknown
so i try to pick up all the pieces but fail
and i'm cracking my skull
just from tearing down these walls
and reject every call
i realize i can't break
can't break free
can't realize that i am still...
Track Name: Static in the Sky
illusions, delusions
been tricked by machinery
deceived me
believe me
i just need something more to die for
this can never be
punching through the night
to come around
all i want is to

run all night, jack me out
i'm hiding out of sight
behind these mirror eyes
lost in a straylight
outcast, flatlined
on a neverending beachfront
sucking on these dreams like cigarettes
lust for a former life

try so hard to sit still
my cut of the big kill
the structure so twisted
a bright light in the vast grid
we're on the verge of a union that will change
everything there is, there was
a coming of ages

always wanted to make sure
something worthy for the truth
something worthy for the cause
something worthy for the madness that i struck
but i'm running from it all
yes i'm running from these nightmares
i am running from these dreams that make me spin around and round and round and round and round

i found romance
an ancient friend
like sleeping with holograms
i comb the sand
it never ends
still equally far from here
lend me a hand
rip me out of the intelligence
i came to end this very land
nowhere in space and time